Announcing: CK-12’s New Partnership With Google Classroom

July 29, 2015 | admin

google--classroom_newWe’re proud to announce that we have integrated the Google Classroom share button within CK-12. Now, teachers and students will be able to access our entire library of content in conjunction with the Google Classroom platform. Now, any piece of content that was previously shareable across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), can now also be shared to your Google Classroom! So, Google Apps for Education users, rejoice! That means no cross checking between apps or interfacing with different systems.

Our goal has always been to allow you do things your way, so offering greater flexibility through Google Classroom was a no brainer. So, now if you find an interesting textbook, video, activity, or assessment for your class on CK-12, all you need to do is click- and voilà, your entire class can now freely view what you shared. Assigning homework, reading assignments, or making announcements for reviewing material has never been easier. All it takes is one click and you have assigned homework or made an announcement to your entire class. It’s just that simple. For teachers and admins that love to use both CK-12 and Google Classroom, life just got a little easier!

Spend more time in the classroom with your students and less time fussing with technology. CK-12’s integration with Google Classroom helps streamline the entire learning process. Start integrating CK12 and Google Classroom for this coming school year. It’s a whole new way to learn.