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March 24, 2014 | admin
hannah - CK-12 Foundation

For those of you who have been following along, the CK-12 Foundation recently hosted a math and science competition for students to apply math and science concepts to the real world. Today’s guest blogger, Hannah, participated in the Get Real Competition. Her team from Mirror Lake Middle School in Chugiak, Alaska took 3rd place last May.

Read on to learn about Hannah’s experience in applying real math and science concepts to Chikadees.

 Researching Chickadees

“I’m a student in Alaska and my teacher told us about CK-12. At first we were only interested in the prizes, but then we got so into it, we didn’t care if we got a place or not. We just loved to find out more about chickadees.

For our chickadee project we worked long and hard to get tons of work. For more information on the deformity in chickadee beaks we contacted the USGS biologist, Coleen Handle. She helped us with understanding more of what the deformity is and what it does.

As on the video we learned that some beaks may be overly long, too short, too long, and many more. After we interviewed Ms. Handle the next day after school we went straight to work altering he footage we got and adding and just figuring it out.

The Big News

After we figured it out and put it altogether we put it on to a flash drive and showed it to our school. They LOVED it! So we were feeling really good that we could get first second or even third.

Get Real Competition In the middle of first hour we got a call from someone at CK-12 so we stepped put into the pod room and we talked a while then he said, “You guys were really good and we loved your video and you won third place!”

We were all calm and controlled and after he hung up we all freaked put and screamed and yelled! Everybody was so happy for us and we were sooooo happy that we beat out if I may other schools and we were so happy in ourselves.

At the beginning we were all like OMG we get iPads then when we were learning and discovering we were like I don’t really care about winning or losing we just are so happy about our research. So when we did win third place we were so excited. We got to learn and get “prizes”!

Hannah’s Experience

The experience with CK12 was one of the best experiences of my life. Everything from doing the research and getting prizes. It was one of the best moments in my life. We got to teach so many people about our project chickadees and it was fun to see peoples reaction to our video. It was fun and I thank Ck12 for putting it on!

I love CK-12 and I hope everyone will have as much fun as we did with our projects!”


Hannah’s Team Submission:

About the author

Hannah is a sixth grader at Mirror Lake Middle School in Chugiak, Alaska. Her team won 3rd place in the Get Real Competition last year for their submission on how sampling helps biologists learn what causes deformed beaks in Chickadees. Hannah is currently in 7th grade. Her favorite subject is Language Arts.


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