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Digital Textbooks for CA

Dear CK-12 Community members San Francisco Chronicle did an front page article about their response...

June 5, 2009
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California’s Bold Step

Have you heard the news? Governor Schwarzenegger announced that he wants to explore digital free and...

May 27, 2009
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Thirteen Year Itch

Have you heard about an important concept – the thirteen year itch?  It seems like we never give ...

April 13, 2009
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What makes a teenager a teenager?

Last week I was at a meeting at a well known university.  The focus was technology and how it is im...

February 22, 2009
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Choices, choices, choices, and choices…………………

Is having many choices a good thing? Lately this question about content for K-12 has been popping u...

February 9, 2009
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Looking forward to a new dawn

As CK-12 starts its third year, the world around us is changing in many ways - yet we at CK-12 conti...

January 15, 2009
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What can I do?

Have you ever wondered why so many people believe that the open source software movement is a good t...

October 3, 2008
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What’s in a back pack?

It is that time of year where our nations school children are preparing their back packs ready to he...

September 2, 2008
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Interview with CK-12 Founder, Neeru Khosla

We managed to pull CK-12's founder and leader, Neeru Khosla, away from her work to pick her brain o...

August 8, 2008
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@Google Presents: CK12 Founders

CK12 founders Neeru and Vinod Khosla and CK12's President, Murugan Pal speak as part of the @Google ...

August 8, 2008