CK-12 Summer Intern Program

CK-12's Mission Create an online collaborative environment to produce free and open textbooks tha...

April 27, 2011

CK-12 is hiring for its Summer Graduate Intern Program

In addition to its other regular job postings, CK-12 is recruiting stellar, summer graduate interns ...

April 26, 2011
Founder's Blog

OER Presentation Dr. Louise Waters, Leadership Public Schools

This particular blog entry I am using a different format.  I will share verbatim the presentatio...

April 8, 2011

California Charter Schools Conference

CK-12 Foundation is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 18th Annual California Charter Scho...

February 15, 2011
Founder's Blog

“Oh yeah, that’s right!”

  Do you ever stop to wonder why we need someone to prove to us something that we innately know to...

February 2, 2011
Founder's Blog

Why even bother with Superman?

For some time there has been much talk about “Waiting for Superman” but I now feel compell...

December 13, 2010

Share your content with the CK-12 community

Share your secret sauce with other teachers! Have you designed a great lesson plan for your cl...

November 19, 2010
Founder's Blog

Common Cause

It was really thrilling to be invited to represent the educational part of a recent White House de...

November 3, 2010
Founder's Blog

Words with Friends

I am a big fan of Scrabble – I played it on a board until Facebook offered it online. So, I p...

October 14, 2010

Science Books Page

CK-12 Earth Science - Middle SchoolA work in progress, CK-12 Earth Science for the middle school s...

August 23, 2010