Announcing: High-Quality Interactive Physics Simulations

March 3, 2015 | admin

Introducing Engaging Real World Learning Simulations for Physics with More Subject Areas to Come

We are happy to announce the launch of our launch of our new interactive physics simulations module that uses real-world interactivity to increase student engagement for the highly-acclaimed STEM platform.


We designed the new physics simulations (sims) to bridge the abstract and real world to help students learn key concepts by relating them to real world examples all around them. Each of the sims helps to explain multiple concepts in an engaging and relevant way that students can understand and enjoy. Examples of our new sims include “stadium wave”, a simulation of fans in a stadium to learn about wave speed and wave interference, and “prom night”, a simulation of a student seeing themselves dressed up for prom in front a full length mirror to learn about plane mirrors and the law of reflection.

“Interactivity is key in classrooms today to deepen student engagement and expand learning,” said our Founder and Executive Director Neeru Khosla. “We’ve created a full range of sims to help get students and teachers started and then we will be adding tools to enable them to customize, design and share their own sims.”

see-saw_small Challenge questions are built into each of the sims to test student understanding and reinforce learning concepts.  We have plans to make the sims customizable in the near future, like all our other content, so they can be created and shared with other students/teachers around the world.

The new physics simulations are now available for free on our website. They work on all computers and tablets (in HTML5) as well as in 1:1 learning environments. We have started by focusing on physics concepts and plan to continue building additional simulations for other STEM subjects.

So stay tuned!