Making Biology Interactive – on your iPad!

April 26, 2013 | admin

When we first started our venture into the realm of free digital textbooks, our goal was to pioneer the creation and distribution of the “next generation” textbook.  With the FlexBook, a free comprehensive, fully customizable, standards-aligned digital textbook complete with embedded multimedia objects, we met that goal. But realizing new technologies like Apple’s iBook Authoring platform would allow for new types of interactivity in our textbooks, we let our creative juices flow. Part of maintaining the philosophy of creating the “next generation” of anything is continuing to innovate. So, on we work – trying other exciting ways of bringing the best learning experience to students worldwide, all completely free.

For our latest high school biology textbook, we wanted to do something a little different.  We decided to give iBooks author a whirl and the result was what one reviewer called “the future of textbooks.”  With Apple’s iBA application, we were able to combine beautiful images with exquiste content and even turn our figures into fun, interactive widgets.  We are proud to bring you CK-12 Biology Interactive Edition.  Check out our FREE book now!

High quality, authoritative content

Created by a highly prolific health and science writer, editor, and textbook and curriculum specialist (already a regular contributor to CK-12’s growing science library), our interactive biology textbook shows biology in action and takes students through a journey from the teeny tiniest unicellular organisms to GIANT superorganismal communities, from genes to population mechanics, invertebrates and vertebrates all find a home here.  Our text covers all the major topics of a high school biology course including cell biology, evolution, ecology, plant and animal physiology, and more. Over the years, you’ve come to expect high quality from our texts, and we don’t disappoint here!

Visually stunning

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Creating the most engaging content for our users and providing them with an immersive experience in our biology content on the iPad was a priority for us. Meticulously and with painstaking attention to detail, we compiled a collection of some of the most visually stimulating images to accompany our text.  With everything from stunning images of rainforest and ocean ecosystems to high resolution electron microscopy photos of viruses and bacteria, students are sure to find the material captivating and stay engaged throughout. 

Interactive Widgets

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With this latest text, we really brought the material to life by turning our figures into galleries of images and interactive diagrams in which students can uncover more information about the concepts presented.  The interactivity allows students to take a deeper dive into the material and to explore the concepts in their own way.

If you are looking to learn biology or find a text that will really grab your classes attention, head to the iTunes store and download our free interactive biology textbook!  Be sure to let us know what you think; we are always looking to improve.