Free Summer Professional Development Is Back—Join the CK-12 Certified Educator Program!

June 2, 2017 | Katie Hamon
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Why is CK-12 special? Because it is a no-cost solution to engage students, differentiate practice, and localize learning—plus, we’re constantly updating and expanding available resources and features.

Last summer we launched online training to introduce CK-12 newcomers to the platform and to support CK-12 power users in becoming even more proficient with our tools. We understand that summer is your big vacation. You may be relaxing, traveling, or doing some extra work, so this year we’re offering more sessions, on more dates, and at more times to fit your schedule. From mid-June to mid-July, webinars will be offered on CK-12 from top to bottom. Get an overview with our ‘Introduction to CK-12’ or deep-dive with our ‘Advanced FlexBook® Editing’ and ‘Learning Management Systems’ sessions.

An extra bonus this year is that those who complete seven core sessions with matching assignments become CK-12 Certified Educators! So, why not stand out from the crowd?

Reasons to join the CK-12 Certified Educator program:

  • Improved student engagement and learning. Discover how to use a variety of resources through Concept-Based Learning, replace textbooks with customizable FlexBooks®, help your students explore math and science concepts with interactives, assign Adaptive Practice to support students at various skill levels, and more.
  • Professional growth. Gain key skills, earn professional development hours, and, if you complete seven sessions with the associated tasks, become a CK-12 Certified Educator.
  • Flexibility and savings. This training, as with everything offered on, is designed to be free and convenient—our range of online sessions are held at multiple times and dates from June 19 to July 21.

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