Digital Unhijacked

January 30, 2015 | admin

At CK-12, we’ve always been intrigued by the question: What can digital do for learning? With everything digital being touted as disrupting industries globally, its time we utilize it efficiently in education. We need to unhijack digtal.

Throughout our evolution at CK-12, we’ve always pushed boundaries in the past through our efforts on customizable digital textbooks, concept based learning in multiple modalities and assessment. However, we think there’s still more that technology can do to help kids learn deeper. Learn and play! How can we simplify physics leveraging technology? How can we expand a kid’s imagination? Spark their curiosity? Involve them in their learning in an engaging, participative way?

Introducing our newest product: high-quality next generation Interactive Simulations. Built with the help of physics teachers, these free simulations aims to which aims to explain core concepts of physics to middle and high school students through daily real world experiences of the world around them. For example, in watching a simulation explaining how a pan flute works, for example, students can be introduced to the scientific concepts of wave speed and wave interface in a way that’s relatable, which greatly aids their comprehension.


They can also engage deeply by manipulating variables, which increases curiosity and helps explore at a deeper level. Teachers can also use these simulations in the classroom to explain several scientific concepts, create supplementary education content, and build project assignments or foster discussions around concepts in an engaging way. Whether you’re using a Chromebook, iPad, a computer or any other device, these work anywhere, anytime – never lose learning or teaching moments!

With technology becoming increasingly more essential in the classroom, we believe its imperative to create the technology to enable digital learning that is fun, interactive and, best of all, completely free. Let a kid explore, and learn!

We encourage you to check out these simulations here, and let us know in the comments what you think! Would love to hear feedback and continue to iterate – as that’s what technology affords us to do!

-CK-12 Team