CK-12 + Schoology = Easier and faster lesson planning!

September 20, 2016 | admin

You asked, we listened. CK-12 is now fully integrated with Schoology!

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Schoology. Say hello to easier lesson planning by integrating CK-12 content right into your Schoology courses and viewing student grades in your gradebook.

Administrators and teachers using Schoology as a learning management system (LMS) can now easily create assignments in Schoology using content from CK-12 and then assign them to students. Following is a high-level overview of how this will work:

  1. Teacher installs CK-12 app in Schoology from Schoology App Center.
  2. As part of Schoology, teacher creates an assignment using content from CK-12.
  3. Student logs into Schoology to complete and submit the assignment.
  4. CK-12 platform auto-scores the assignment and posts the score to Schoology dashboard.
  5. Both student and teacher can review the assignment score in their respective Schoology dashboards .


If you are an administrator or a teacher using Schoology and want to use CK-12 content, please fill out the form found here:

CK-12 LTI Application Form

We will get back to you with the required information you would need to install the CK-12 app in Schoology. For more information please contact us at Get started today!