CK-12 Teams Up with Microsoft

March 12, 2014 | admin

CK-12 announced a global collaboration with Microsoft to provide students and teachers using Windows with access to a rich library of K-12 STEM content to use, at no cost, in their daily learning and teaching. We’re very excited about the potential of providing millions of deserving K-12 students with a high-quality education.

Through this collaboration, millions of Windows device owners will get free access to CK-12 and its platform of high quality, free content, assessment and classroom management tools. 

Our goal is to provide every student globally with an opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own style of learning. Teachers and students will now be able to access free, customizable digital content including digital textbooks and 5000+STEM concepts in multiple modalities (videos, exercises, text, practice, quizzes andCK-12 on surface tablet more) all on their Windows devices.

Previously schools have spent thousands of dollars on textbooks that become outdated almost immediately after they are purchased. CK-12 Foundation frees schools from traditional textbooks and allows them to update textbooks as often as necessary, and also provides access to supplemental digital content that can help teachers in their daily classroom activity.

We’ve always believed in providing our content through every platform and every device. Microsoft’s global leadership through the Windows platform helps us get closer to our vision. As technology becomes a more integral piece of education, more and more schools are moving to a 1:1, blended or flipped classroom style. As more schools adopt Windows 8 devices, the number of educational resources available on the devices grows.

The CK-12 platform now allows educators to prepare students for upcoming state standardized testing by assigning math & science practice problems easily and see reporting on student progress immediately upon completion of practice.

Teachers are able to customize their content, create tests and quizzes, access robust analytics and dashboards for monitoring student progress. Students have access to a wealth of resources including flashcards, study aids, quizzes, interactive practice and more all at their fingertips on any Windows device.

CK-12 and Microsoft are dedicated to using technology to improve learning globally. Through this collaboration of Microsoft’s global reach and CK-12’s platform, we can help ensure equitable access to high quality education for everyone around the world.

We have more exciting announcements on this collaboration that we will share as they unfold.  Hold on to your seats!

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