CK-12 & Microsoft Partner to Help Teachers Make Interactive Lessons

May 8, 2014 | admin
Microsoft Office Mix

Exciting news for CK-12 teachers! We are pleased to announce that CK-12 has partnered with Microsoft to create Office Mix—a brand new look at how teachers like you can use PowerPoint to create interactive lessons and presentations.

Used by an estimated 90% of teachers, PowerPoint is the de facto standard for presenting new material to students. CK-12 believes every teacher should have access to high quality content through his or her existing tools. So, now, Office Mix with CK-12 content is reinventing the original PowerPoint that you all know and love with brand new features. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources which can be utilized by all kinds of teachers, whether they are teaching a flipped classroom, blended classroom, or traditional classroom. Here’s how!


Office Mix gives teachers everything they need to create customized, interactive, and fun lessons for their students. Teachers can record screencast videos of their computer, draw pictures and diagrams, record video lectures, take screenshots, provide audio narration, and so on.

Best of all, is Office Mix’s easy integration with CK-12’s lessons. You can easily insert your favorite CK-12 quizzes, exercises, lessons, and activities into Office Mix for a completely immersive experience that your students will love. Furthermore, teachers have the tools they need to precisely customize each aspect of their lesson: the number of available lesson attempts, providing hints, adding in timers, and more.

All of these captured media files can be easily incorporated into a PowerPoint, and then sent to students.

EvaluateOffice Mix Microsoft

Through regular use of CK-12 quizzes in Office Mix, teachers will be able to clearly recognize which topics will regular extra care and attention. Tracking students’ progress is made easy with powerful analytics that allow you to see a number of different metrics such as how long a student spends on a slide and more. Since students are able to freely go back and forth through CK-12 lessons at home, teachers also benefit from having a classroom where students don’t have to feel pressured to all learn at the same pace.

Although most widely praised for its usage for teachers of flipped and blended classrooms, this is still a fantastic tool for traditional teachers. Not only is it a great way to keep track of offered lessons, it is also an essential tool for classrooms with absent students. Ultimately, the tools offered by Office Mix coupled with high quality CK-12 content gives teachers endless possibilities on how to improve the learning in their classrooms, regardless if it’s online or in-person.

We look forward to help teachers across the world through this exciting partnership! So, don’t wait..

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