Autosave, Drafts & Upgraded Editor: More Power to You!

October 29, 2015 | admin

Big news for FlexBook creators! We have been hard at work making product enhancements to improve your content creation efforts. Be it FlexBooks or any other content. We know time is scarce and saving your work is imperative. So, we’ve made a few enhancements for a great authoring experience as you create content. Here is a rundown of all the new stuff we have released with our latest update.

We know that when you’re making tons of changes in your FlexBooks you may not always have time to hit that save button. With our new auto save feature you don’t have to worry about that sudden power outage taking out hours of your hard work. We’ll save your work as you’re going along in your authoring experience. Just keep creating, we’ll do the rest!
Collaborators rejoice! As many of you often collaborate with your fellow teachers/colleagues to create that perfect FlexBook or content, you can now take advantage of our drafts. No more creating multiple versions. You can now keep most of your work in drafts and only hit create when you’re absolutely ready.

Upgraded Editor
With all those big improvements we did not forget about the key component of authoring FlexBooks, of course this being the editor! We have given it a more modern look and feel that we think you will love. Experience the new editor today.

This is not all! We have tons of other product enhancements on the way to improve your experience on the CK-12 platform. So, stay tuned.