Assignments – Anytime, Anywhere

December 1, 2015 | admin

Big news! We have updated our CK-12 apps on both iOS and Android to help students practice, manage, and submit their assignments, as well as learn while on the go! So, whether it’s on a phone or a tablet (even for 1:1 environments), completing and submitting an assignment is now truly possible anytime, anywhere. Here is a rundown of all the new stuff we have released with our latest update.

New “My Assignments”
A simple, intuitive way to view all assignments in a single dashboard assigned for students! students can now view, take, and submit the assignments from within the CK-12 app. Teachers can create and assign assignments using the website. These assignments will be available to the students under a new section titled ‘My Assignments’.

homework- anytime      homework anytime 2

It will also show both incomplete and completed assignments in a single view.

Learning: More Than Just Text

These apps allow students to learn concepts using various modalities: read, watch videos, interact with learning resources, quizzes, and  practice too! More power to the students to learn at their pace!

Assignment Notification
Never be late submitting homework again! With the new update, students can now get push notifications to remind them of  assignment due dates well in advance.

homework 3

We have tons of other product enhancements on the way to improve your experience on the CK-12 platform. Stay tuned!